Redtrend is an interactive online Michigan based Magazine. Produced quarterly, Redtrend was founded by a couple college girls, and features fashion, style & beauty from the viewpoint of women in their twenties.

Knowing Michigan is a wide state, our trend section is diveded into five sections (Northern Michigan, Western Michigan, Mid Michigan, Southeast Michigan, and the UP). We focus on highlighting desingers, salons, and business owners from all of these regions.

What does interactive mean?

Unlike other magazines, you will be able to interact with content. For example, if we write a story on a desinger who creates dresses, and there is a picture of a dress with the article. You will be able to see all the dress information (sizes, price range, where it can be bought, ect) Also if the dress comes in a couple colors, you can change the color of the dress right on the page!

How much are subscriptions?

Being an Interactive eMagazine, we are proud to be a free publication! You can subscribe here.

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